[Research, Analysis & Development department of MVIVVU]

Under the Aegis of 
Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University
[a.k.a Vedic Virtual Vidyapeeth (registered with Government of Gujarat, India)] 

"Dating with the Scientific Vedic past 
for Sustainable Development, Well-Being & Indigenous Future".

Objectives of VEDINFORMATICS: VedInformatics is published in order to create awareness for Vedic Journalism and to represent the same. There is rigorous necessity for media that concentrate on the Sanatan Vedic (Hindu) Culture / Philosophy/ Science. 

News/ articles/ announcements pertaining to Veda, Hindu, Vedic institutes, Vedic Events (Conference/seminar/ workshop) yoga, Yajna, Ayurveda is collected from various sources, analyzed and disseminated.

Establishment: It was first published in January 2008. Since then 'VedInformatics' is regularly published and sent to its registered readers. The idea for bringing out VEDINFORMATICS was conceived by eminent Vedic Researcher Dr. Chakradhar Frend. 

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